Where to buy Myrkl as hangover prevention pill goes on sale in UK

ByDonald L. Leech

Jul 4, 2022

A new hangover prevention pill that claims to stop hangovers has gone on sale in the UK.

Moderate drinking is a big part of British culture and people like to enjoy an evening or two with family and friends each week.

As much as summer is the perfect time to sip a few cocktails and enjoy other beverages, many suffer from lingering headaches in the morning after a night out.

Here’s what you need to know about the Myrkl pill that promises to help prevent hangovers.

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The hangover pill is on sale

A new hangover pill called Myrkl went on sale in the UK this week.

The supplement was created in 1990 by scientist Johan de Faire and was “honed over 30 years of research and design,” according to the company.

Myrkl is a pre-drink supplement that should be taken 30 minutes before drinking and claims to “break down alcohol quickly” in the body.

According to the company, the pill is “the first product in history to effectively break down alcohol.”

Where to buy the Myrkl pill

The Myrkl pill can be ordered directly from the company’s official website. At the time of publication, the supplement is not available at pharmacies or other online retailers.

Standard delivery is £2.50 for orders under £40 and anything over that is eligible for free delivery. Customers can opt for next day delivery for £4.50.

On the company’s website you will find more details about delivery options for the rest of Europe.

A pack of 30 tablets costs £30 and people are advised to take two tablets 30 minutes before drinking.

According to Myrkle, the supplement is 100% natural and vegan and has been scientifically tested over a 30-year research period. The supplement also includes vitamin B12, which helps boost energy levels.

Myrkl CEO talks about the pill

Myrkl CEO Håkan Magnusson said the pill is a “game-changing product”, but added that it would help “moderate drinkers”.

“This is the first time in history that a consumer product has been shown to effectively and quickly break down alcohol, we are very pleased to launch this game-changing product in the UK and most European markets. “, said Magnusson.

‘Moderate social drinking is an integral part of British culture, with the majority of Britons visiting every week to have a few drinks together,’ he added.

The Myrkl site explains: “MYRKL helps to quickly break down alcohol before it reaches the liver, it is not suitable and aims to lessen the impact of excessive alcohol consumption.

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