Vogue Williams says she would never endorse ‘bulls**t’ diet pills

ByDonald L. Leech

Jul 20, 2022

The podcast host denied any association with weight-loss products and said she would never endorse them.

Taking to her Instagram Stories this week, she said: “Thank you to everyone who sent me the links to people using my image. I do not endorse any type of weight loss product. These are bulls**t and don’t work.

She continued: “Please don’t buy assuming I think they’re awesome, they’re the absolute pits. I don’t diet, I try to be healthy but I eat everything in moderation I love working out but don’t overdo it!

Vogue has just returned from vacation in Spain with husband Spencer Matthews and their three children: Theodore (3), Gigi (2) and baby Otto.

The family of five stayed at the beautiful Spanish country club La Reserva Club Sotogrande.

And the Dubliner recently revealed she managed to squeeze in a few exercise sessions while on vacation – and admitted it was her favorite part of the trip.

“My peak of the vacation was hanging out with the kids all day and I love that we got to meet our friends and get to train with them at Palm Rock Retreat,” she said on the podcast. Spencer & Vogue this week.

“And for the people who hit me for training over the holidays – now there’s only a few who said ‘Are you crazy?’

“I love going to practice for an hour on my holidays because I don’t have kids and me and Spenny are having so much fun and having a great time.”

Vogue also laughed on her trip when she ran into trouble while trying to dress the kids in matching purple gingham swimsuits.

The hilarious Instagram snaps show Theodore struggling to hold an unimpressed Otto with the help of Vogue’s sister Amber under Gigi’s gaze before giving up and walking out of the photoshoot.

“Let’s take a nice picture of the three correspondents… ourrrrr maybe not,” the 36-year-old laughed.