Some critics take the red pill, others the blue

ByDonald L. Leech

Dec 21, 2021


“Resurrections” brings romance and meta-commentary, but many love “The Matrix” for its jaw-dropping action scenes. Is this fourth installment effective? Depends on who you ask.

Katie Rife from AV Club calls the film’s action “disappointing,” elaborating: “The Hong Kong-influenced long shots that made ‘The Matrix’ so groundbreaking are practically absent, replaced by quick cuts that make the choreography of the fight less readable than in the previous episodes “(via AV Club).

CNN Brian Lowry reflects these sentiments, writing, “While there are a few visually striking moments, these sequences are offset by some confusing sequences, like massive close combat that makes it difficult to discern who is doing what to whom, dulling any excitement.”

However, others are happy with the action scenes featured in the film. AT IndieWire, David Ehrlich remarks how the action serves the story, saying, “A motorcycle chase through downtown San Francisco is fascinating (and strange) because it literally illustrates the dangerous hold that the fiction can have on waking life. ”

Ehrlich also effectively sums up what made “The Matrix” series so popular. “It’s a movie,” he writes, “who knows that people will always yearn for what they can’t have because they dread losing what they already do, and fall prey to certain fictions, little doesn’t matter how many times someone tells them to take control of their mind. “

Fans of “The Matrix” will certainly have plenty to ruminate on when “Resurrections” hits theaters and on HBO Max on December 22nd.