Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

ByDonald L. Leech

Aug 17, 2022

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Chapter 4 – The (Fe)male Gaze begins with a flashback to 1999 where we see Angela Waters smoking with a young Marjorie – Noa’s mother. It turns out that when they were caught, Marjorie blamed Angela, getting her in trouble. Afterwards, Marjorie gave Angela a I am sorry gift – a “Mother of the Year” bear.

Fast forward to the present day and we see Marjorie working in the hospital, where she receives the same “Mother of the Year” bear she gave Angela all those years ago… Along with some pills that the bear holds. As we know, Marjorie is addicted to pills.


Chapter 4 – The male (female) gaze Present Day, takes place 2 weeks after the events of Episode 3. Mouse’s (Malia Pyles) friend Ash (Jordan Gonzalez) tries to convince her to make Halloween plans! Things have been quiet on the “A” front, but Imogen (Bailee Madison) is starting to put more pieces together.

Imogen begins making calls to Angela’s old classmates. When she finally reaches someone, the caller refuses to discuss anything and hangs up the phone. The episode returns to Imogen and her mother playing with a Ouija board, which gives her an idea. As she tries to find the board game at her house, a couple arrives who are planning to buy the house. However, Imogen can’t have that, so she sabotages the whole thing by telling them that someone was murdered there.

After convincing the girls to come for a session, they start playing with the Ouija board. That’s when Imogen has her Zak Bagans moment of SHOUTING at her dead mother in a very therapeutic way with her new friends to support her. Bailee Madison played the heck out of this whole scene! Later, Imogen finds her mother’s diary, but there are torn pages. Why??


Tabitha in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Chapter 4

Tabitha (Chandler Kinney) is given the job of recreating an iconic movie scene. She teams up with Chip and they decide to recreate psychology, but gender-swapped using Faran (Zaria Simone) and Karen’s ex-boyfriend Greg. As they present this idea in class, there are so many amazing visuals like Chip drawing a line across the board. Tabitha gives a speech about how horror movies are mostly about women being tortured, murdered and/or raped by men. (Which is not incorrect. Why are they like that?)

During the filming of the iconic psychology shower scene, Greg is a douchebag refusing to cover up. Tabitha gives this great speech about how Greg should feel – helpless, drugged, etc. However, this sends Tabitha spiraling. She steps out to catch her breath and we see a flashback, a hazy memory of a party in the woods. I think it’s safe to assume that something really bad happened to him at that party. Is that why she’s filming the boys’ locker room? Does she hope to obtain a confession?

Tabitha learns that Wes has the missing thumb drive. All she has to do to get it is go to his place…for dinner. I appreciate how it all turned out. Tabitha is smart and doesn’t let Wes take advantage of her. She sees the USB key and reserves it after 10 minutes of kindness.


Faran is on a mission to prove whether or not Kelly is really Karen. The girl does a lot of sketchy things. For one, Kelly takes Karen’s dance locker. Faran’s boyfriend says dancing with Kelly is like dancing with Karen. Faran remembers razor blades in pointe shoes! If she can see Kelly’s feet, she can prove it somehow. So, she enlists her dance partner/boyfriend to help her.

Noa joins the track team and tries to get back into shape. The sheriff does not leave her alone and constantly threatens her with urine tests and unexpected house calls. Which I think is odd considering what she has on him. Once home, Noa finds the bear with the pills “A” sent her mother. Then, conveniently, she receives a text from “A” saying: “She never learned her lesson. Mom was going to throw you under the bus again – like Angel Waters.

While her mother is at work, Noa orders herself a pizza. Once there, she goes downstairs to get him. However, what she finds isn’t a delivery man, but his pizza on the floor and a broken window! So she goes back upstairs and finds “A” trying to get into her apartment! They chase her everywhere and end up on the roof. Noa hardcore walks her way from her rooftop to the neighbor, putting a huge gap between her and “A”. Unfortunately, this decision disables her ankle monitor on the last day she was to wear it.

This is the first time we hear the voice of “A” when they say “Punish the culprits”. Noa grabs her phone and calls the hospital to report her mother. The episode ends with Noa filling in on the girls on her crazy night and telling them that “A” is here to punish their mothers.


This episode was slow to start but built to a fantastic ending. I still don’t understand why we’re not going to have the girls recognize “A” in the cemetery van 2 weeks ago, but whatever. Poor Mouse had virtually no storyline. So, I hope she gets more screen time soon.

I don’t understand Noa turning her mother around like that. What was “A” going to do? Do you have a lost look? We all know they weren’t going to jump on that roof.

I love Bailee Madison and Chandler Kinney in those leadership roles. I always forget that these girls were NOT friends before the detention. So it will take them a while to become a natural part of each other’s lives. I appreciate that the show doesn’t try to force that to happen.

I really like Tabitha’s story so far. It’s shrouded in intrigue and mystery, and perhaps an even darker storyline than I expected. His growing friendship with Imogen is adorable and I love that they become best friends.

This whole mysterious Kelly/Karen road that Faran takes gives me I know what you did last summer vibes. East PLL: Original Sin really gonna go down that rabbit hole trope or is it just a red herring to distract us from what’s really going on and what’s important? I guess only time will tell!

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