JAGGED LITTLE PILL on tour; Read all reviews!

ByDonald L. Leech

Sep 21, 2022

Jagged Little Pill’s nationwide tour is underway! The tour kicked off in Las Vegas on September 6.

Heidi Blickenstaff (she/her) reprises her role from the Broadway production as Mary Jane Healy, joined by Lauren Chanel (she/her) as Frankie Healy, Chris Hoch (he/him) as Steve Healy and Dillon Klena (he/him) as Nick Healy. The cast also includes Jade McLeod (them/them) as Jo and Allison Sheppard (she/her) as Bella.

Set includes Lee H. Alexander (He/Him), Delaney Brown (She/They), Jada Simone Clark (She/She), Lani Corson (She/She), Rishi Golani (He/Him), Jason Goldston ( he/they), Zach Hess (he/him), Cydney Kutcipal (they/them), Jordan Leigh McCaskill (they/they), Alana Pollard (they/they), Daniel Thimm (he/him), Kei Tsuruharatani (they /them), and Jena VanElslander. Maya J. Christian (she/her), Claire Crause (she/her), Sean Doherty (he/him) and Charles P. Way (he/her) join the cast as swingers.

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Let’s see what the critics say…

Pantages Theater – Los Angeles, CA

Evan Henerson, BroadwayWorld: JAGGED LITTLE PILL ultimately ends on a more optimistic note than one might expect, but surprisingly the resolution doesn’t feel fake or dishonest. Ultimately, forgiveness, growth, and new self-awareness can be powerful tools, and anger can give way to something else. If the creators of Jagged Little Pill can live with that, then surely we can too.

Talia Sajor, Daily Bruin: When it comes to jukebox musicals, many struggle to interpret songs as mere props unrelated to the overall narrative rather than helping to move the story along, but “Jagged Little Pill “overcome this obstacle. Between the powerful themes tackled, Morrisette’s meaningful songwriting, and alt-rock instrumentals, the album serves as a solid accompaniment to the storyline and overall spectacle. Along with added harmonies to make his songs more suitable for live performance, these elements formed a seamless, joyful and heartbreaking performance.

Cori Graham, SoCal Thrills: Heidi Blickenstaff (Mary Jane) is an absolute legend. MJ’s internal struggles are demonstrated right from the start of his performance of “Smile” which was a hauntingly beautiful performance. “Forgiven” was visually and vocally incredible, but Uninvited was the scariest number Blickenstaff had performed. His vocal performances were both strong and vulnerable, truly embodying who MJ is. Dillon Klena’s performance of “Perfect” was heartbreaking.

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