Here’s where to get the new COVID-19 antiviral drug in NJ

ByDonald L. Leech

May 22, 2022

We’ve come a long way when it comes to COVID-19 treatments.

At the very start of the pandemic, long ago, the only thing you could do when you were diagnosed with COVID-19 was to stay home and pray that yours didn’t turn into a scary case. or deadly.

There were no vaccinations and there were no treatments. Slowly but surely, new drugs began to appear.

Different doctors had different protocols for their patients, some more helpful than others. And some quite controversial.

I know people who have taken different drugs for COVID – everything from ivermectin to hydroxychloroquine to steroids and antibiotics to monoclonal antibody infusions and vitamins and minerals as well.

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But the drugs we’ve all been waiting for are the new antivirals called Paxlovid and Molnupiravir.

Just in time for the new surge in cases, Stop & Shop will now offer both FDA-cleared COVID-19 antiviral drugs at its New Jersey pharmacies.

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Where to find Paxlovid in New Jersey

Pfizer’s Paxlovid, the more popular and well-known of the two, is an oral antiviral pill that can be taken at home to help prevent high-risk patients from getting so sick they need to be hospitalized. So if you test positive for coronavirus and a health care provider writes you a prescription, you can take pills at home and reduce your risk of going to hospital. It is available at all Stop & Shop NJ pharmacies.

Where to find molnupiravir in New Jersey

Molnupiravir is available in some places. And medications are free with a valid prescription from a health care provider.

During my recent bout with COVID-19, I was happy to know that my doctor would prescribe me Paxlovid and it turned out to be readily available.

I had a pretty severe case of Covid, and within 24 hours of diagnosis I took my first dose of it. It’s an intensive regimen involving six pills a day – three each of two slightly different formulations.

I have no idea what I would have done without the Paxlovid, but I can tell you that within days the really difficult symptoms were gone and I was well on my way to a full recovery.

If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, as more people are every day, be sure to ask your doctor to prescribe these antiviral medications for you.

And the good news is that with 34 Stop & Shop pharmacies throughout New Jersey, it shouldn’t be hard for you to get your hands on one.

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