Diet Pills Market Size To Reach US$3.01 Billion By 2030 | Growing at a CAGR of 9.8%, reports Growth Plus

ByDonald L. Leech

Aug 18, 2022

NEW YORK, August 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Global diet pills market is should clock US$3.01 billion by 2030 due to the growing prevalence of obesity and increased health awareness, says Growth Plus Reports. This information is published in the latest report titled “Diet Pills Market – Global Outlook and Forecast 2022-2030″

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Rising cases of obesity and related health problems, such as cardiovascular disease (CVD), diabetes, and high blood pressure are expected to drive the demand for diet pills. The growing use of weight loss supplements to maintain normal body weight is expected to drive the market growth. Additionally, the growth in disposable income and growing concerns regarding maintaining a healthy lifestyle are expected to drive the growth of the diet pills market. Government and private health organizations design and implement global programs and events to raise awareness of the obesity epidemic to promote the need to maintain nutritional health and normal body weight, often by developing healthier eating habits. healthy and pursuing an active physical lifestyle.

The global diet pills market has been analyzed from three different angles: type, application, distribution channel and region.

Excerpts from ‘Segmentation by product type’

The global diet pills market is segmented into two types:

  • Over the counter
  • Prescription

The prescription drug segment holds the largest market share. Diet pills are prescribed by medical professionals as an adjunct to weight loss diet combined with exercise and a balanced diet. These prescribed diet pills are approved for long term use and produce significant results. As a result, many obese people prefer to take their medications as prescribed due to their authenticity and proper recommended dosage. However, it has also been analyzed that the over-the-counter segment will steadily increase over the forecast period owing to the increased e-commerce penetration and consumer awareness.

Report Scope and Segmentation:

Report cover


Market size in 2021

$1.3 billion

Revenue forecasts in 2030

$3.01 billion

Rate of growth

CAGR of 9.8% from 2022 to 2030

Base year for the estimate


Forecast period


Segments Covered

Type, application, distribution channel

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Excerpts from “By Application”

The global diet pills market is segmented into:

  • fat blocking
  • Appetite suppression
  • Others

The appetite suppression segment holds a major share of the diet pills market, due to their effectiveness. They do not contain caffeine and other contents, which increases their preference among consumers. However, it has also been analyzed that the fat blocker segment is growing moderately among young people and women seeking quick aesthetic results and is mostly preferred by self-reliant consumers.

Excerpts from ‘Segmentation by region’

The global diet pills market has been segmented into:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Rest of the world

It was analyzed that North America dominated the diet pills market, due to the high incidence of obesity, unhealthy food choices, sedentary lifestyle, especially in the working class, and the presence of numerous key players marketing diet pills in this region. On the other hand, Europe is the second segment dominating the diet pills market. The presence of key regulatory approvals is one of the main factors responsible for this dominance. However, it has been observed that Asia Pacific is expected to experience a high growth rate over the forecast years due to rising disposable incomes and government initiatives to reduce the incidence of obesity to reduce the burden of disease on the economy. Major market players launching products in this region are also one of the reasons for the growth of the regional diet pills market.

Excerpts from “Competitive Landscape”

Some of the major players operating in the diet pills market are:

  • Novo Nordisk A/S
  • gelese
  • Zoller Laboratories
  • GlaxoSmithKline plc
  • Chong Health Care
  • Herbalife Limited
  • Currax Pharmaceuticals LLC
  • Arena Pharmaceuticals
  • Nutrisystem Limited
  • F. Hoffmann-La Roche SA
  • Among others


    1. Market ecosystem
    2. Schedule under study
      1. Historical years – 2020
      2. Base year – 2021
      3. Planned years – 2022 to 2030
    3. Currency used in the report
    1. Research approach
    2. Data collection methodology
    3. Information source
      1. Secondary sources
      2. Primary sources
    4. Market estimation approach
      1. From bottom to top
      2. From top to bottom
    5. Market Forecast Model
    6. Limits and assumptions
    1. Current market trend (COVID-19 outlook)
    2. Key players and competitive positioning (2021)
    1. Drivers
    2. Constraints
    3. Opportunities
    1. Over the counter
    2. Prescription
    1. fat blocking
    2. Appetite suppression
    3. Others

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