Counterfeit prescription pills may have played a role in fentanyl overdose in women this month in Texarkana

ByDonald L. Leech

Dec 31, 2021

TEXARKANA, Texas – Counterfeit oxycodone pills could be implicated in a fentanyl overdose that sent 18-year-old Texarkana woman to hospital and the man who allegedly sold her drugs in prison to prison this month -this.

Conner Douglas Morgan, 21, was arrested on December 22 in connection with a woman from Texarkana, Texas, who was treated for a reported fentanyl overdose on the night of December 19. Morgan has been charged with delivering a controlled substance causing serious injury. .

Morgan allegedly sold three blue pills stamped M30 to the woman for $ 30 each on the evening of Dec. 19, according to a probable cause affidavit. Two and a half blue tickets stamped M30 were reportedly found in the woman’s bedroom by her mother after the overdose and turned over to officers from the Texarkana, Texas Police Department.

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration website, the blue M30 stamped pills are oxycodone, a strong prescription opioid pain reliever. The pills collected from the overdose victim’s room were said to have been “field tested” positive for fentanyl, a synthetic opioid more potent than morphine.

The woman’s mother found her unconscious on the evening of December 19 and was unable to wake her. When the woman’s breathing stopped, the mother performed CPR until the first responders arrived. The woman reportedly told TTPD investigator Colten Johnson that she had been told by hospital staff that she would not have survived if her mother had not been found and received emergency medical care.

The woman reportedly said she ingested the drugs while sitting in Morgan’s car at her home in Texarkana, Texas. The woman reportedly told Johnson that after taking the drug she returned home and could not remember anything after around 7:30 p.m. that evening.

The use of fentanyl in illicit drugs such as methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin as an inexpensive alternative or additive has been associated with an increase in overdose deaths. Counterfeit pills containing fentanyl but stamped to look like real prescription drugs, such as opioids, tranquilizers and stimulants, are also a growing problem, according to the DEA website.

Morgan’s bail for the drug charge has been set at $ 75,000. However, his bail on a pending theft charge has been revoked and he is being held without bail in this case.

Bowie County records show Morgan pleaded guilty to robbery in a Dec. 13 hearing before 5th District Judge Bill Miller, but was not convicted. The records in the case show Miller ordered that a presentation inquiry be prepared by the Bowie County Community Supervision and Correction Department, as is common in cases where a judge is considering a period probation.

A pre-sentence investigation report usually includes information about an accused intended to assist a judge in sentencing. Reports often include recommendations for special programs, such as drug treatment or money management, for example.

Morgan’s theft case is currently scheduled for Jan. 24 for sentencing before Miller.

According to a probable cause affidavit in the case, Morgan and three or four other men attacked two men in March 2020 at a residence in Nash, Texas. One of the men injured in the attack was “covered from head to toe in multiple bruises and cuts” and still wearing a hospital bracelet on his wrist when he reported to Nash Police on March 8, 2020 .

The man said he was invited to a party at the residence and that he and a friend accompanying him were “skipped” when they entered. The man reported that his shoes, hoodie and wallet containing $ 150 in cash, driver’s license and social security card had been confiscated.

A video of the attack was reportedly posted to SnapChat by Morgan and viewed by investigators from the Nash, Texas Police Department. The video reportedly showed the two men beaten and a man’s shoes and hoodie removed in the assault.

Charges remain pending against at least two of Morgan’s co-defendants in the robbery case. An accused in the case was sentenced on December 13 to a five-year deferred arbitration probation period. If a defendant successfully completes probation with deferred adjudication, their criminal history will not reflect a final felony conviction.