Congress Passes Davis Opioid Prescription Verification Act, 2021 | Granite City News

A bill purported to reduce prescription purchases and curb the sales of illegally obtained opioids has been passed by the United States House of Representatives. By a vote of 410-15, members of Congress passed the Opioid Prescription Verification Act of 2021, a bill sponsored by U.S. Representative Rodney Davis (R-Taylorville).

This bill encourages electronic prescribing of opioids and encourages full use of the state’s existing prescription drug monitoring programs to help facilitate the informed and responsible distribution of controlled substances. Davis says the bill was inspired by a meeting Davis had with the regular police department after a case they worked where prescription buyers illegally obtained more than 300 opioid pills.

Specifically, the bill would encourage states to maintain and make full use of prescription drug monitoring programs and encourage states to require electronic prescriptions for opioids; and would require the US Department of Health and Human Services to work with the CDC, DEA, and FDA to offer materials and advice to pharmacists on how to verify patient identities to facilitate safety and accountability opioid prescriptions.