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Which oregano oil is the best?

Oregano oil is a supplement that people use to fight colds and infections. Extracted from the leaves and stem of the oregano plant, producers dilute this spicy oil in a form safe for oral consumption.

Oregano oil contains powerful compounds such as carvacrol and thymol and offers antibacterial and antifungal health benefits. If you need an oregano oil supplement to support your immune system during cold and flu season, Gaia Herbs Oregano Oil Vegan Liquid Capsules are a first choice.

What to know before buying oil of oregano


Oregano oil contains carvacrol, a type of antioxidant found in plants. It is the main active ingredient in oregano oil. The concentration of carvacrol ranges from 60 to 86%, depending on the manufacturer. It can help the immune system fight viruses and kill bacteria, which is why some people refer to oregano oil as an unofficial natural antibiotic.


Another active ingredient in oregano oil is thymol, which is an antifungal agent. Oregano oil contains much lower concentrations of thymol, only around 2%. You may not even see the amount listed on the bottle. Thymol is also antibacterial and is often found in mouthwashThis is why you can use a drop or two of oregano oil on your toothbrush to fight bad breath.


Oregano oil supplements come in a variety of forms, including liquids, capsules, and capsules. The liquid form comes in a glass bottle with a dropper, and it is best diluted in water to avoid burning your mouth and throat. Since oregano oil is spicy and can irritate internal tissues, many consumers opt for pills, which you can find in softgel or liquid capsule form.


Be sure to follow the dosage instructions carefully. If you are using a liquid oregano oil supplement, five or six drops are usually equal to one serving. If you want to try capsules or capsules, you will probably need to take one to two pills per day at doses between 150 and 3000 milligrams. Always consult your doctor before taking any herbal supplement, as the dosage will likely depend on the condition you are treating.

What to look for in quality oregano oil


Oregano plants are the main source of oregano oil. Look for a label on the bottle that says it is organic, as organic products are not treated with pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or herbicides. You will likely get a better overall product if it is organic.

Carrier oil

Liquids and capsules use a carrier oil to dilute the oil of oregano. The best oregano oil supplements use organic extra virgin olive oil as the carrier oil. But you still need to dilute the drops of liquid in water to minimize burns or digestive discomfort.


Liquid herbal tinctures often contain alcohol. If you prefer an alcohol-free formula, you can find selected liquid forms of oregano oil that don’t use alcohol. Make sure to check the ingredient list if this is important to you.


Although oregano oil is herbal, capsules and softgels can still contain gelatin or other animal products. If vegetarian or vegan, be sure to select an oregano oil supplement that contains capsules or capsules suitable for vegans.

How much you can expect to spend on oregano oil

Liquid forms of oregano oil come in one-ounce bottles that range in price from $ 13 to $ 34. Pills, including softgels and capsules, cost between $ 11 and $ 22.

Oregano Oil FAQ

What is the difference between oregano oil and oregano essential oil?

A. Although both oils come from the oregano plant, oregano oil is diluted enough to be safe for oral consumption. Oregano essential oil is more concentrated and you should only use it for aromatherapy purposes as it is not safe to ingest.

Can you use oregano oil topically?

A. Yes, you can use it topically to treat certain skin conditions. Dilute a few drops in a vegetable oil, such as coconut or jojoba oil. Then apply directly to fungal infections, acne or rosacea. You can also use diluted oregano oil as a natural insect repellant. If you notice any skin irritation after application, rinse it off immediately.

What is the best oregano oil to buy?

Top Oregano Oil

Gaïa Herbs Oregano Oil Liquid Capsules Vegan

What would you like to know: This top-notch supplement uses a special CO2 extraction process that sets it apart from other competitors.

What you will love: Oregano is organic and harvested ecologically. The company also tests its products extensively for toxins. Small, vegan phyto-capsules are incredibly popular and effective. Consumers are raving about the impact of this product on a range of health issues.

What you should consider: This powerful supplement can cause symptoms of death when treating some infections.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon and iHerb

Top Oregano Oil For The Money

Garden of Life Oil myKind Organics Seasonal Oregano Oil Drops

Garden of Life Oil myKind Organics Seasonal Oregano Oil Drops

What would you like to know: If you want high-quality, low-cost liquid oregano oil, this is a great bet. It is also alcohol free.

What you will love: These affordable oregano oil drops are certified organic, non-GMO and vegan. It can potentially reduce or relieve cold symptoms just as effectively as the stronger oregano oil.

What you should consider: The smell and taste are strong, so you should start at a lower dose. Make sure to dilute it in water as well.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon and iHerb

To check

Oregano Caryl Oil 3000 mg

Oregano Caryl Oil 3000 mg

What would you like to know: This economical softgel oregano oil is popular among many consumers for its potency.

What you will love: Two capsules contain 3000 mg of oregano oil. These effective pills can help eliminate chronic health problems that are resistant to antibiotics, including UTIs.

What you should consider: These capsules contain gelatin and are not suitable for vegetarians. They can cause oregano to burp.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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