Best Online Birth Control Websites & Apps 2022 – BC Delivery

ByDonald L. Leech

Nov 16, 2022

Getty Images/Margie Rischiotto

Of course, the 21st century is full of disorder. But there *are* some things we have today that our predecessors would certainly be jealous of. For example, you can order food from your phone while commuting and have it sit at your apartment door when you return. Or, you can have a bottle of wine waiting for you just in time for happy hour without having to venture to the liquor store. There’s also another incredibly convenient service right to your doorstep that would wow our ancestors and which, TBH, is quite underrated: birth control delivery. Already tried?

As well as being incredibly convenient, there’s then several reasons why online birth control can be a great resource for you and/or your loved ones. Listen to us: even if all contraception is technically covered under the Affordable Care Act, some employers and institutions may choose to deny coverage for religious or moral reasons. This means that you may not have access to birth control in some cases, even if you have health insurance (*sigh*). Not only that, but even if you do have access to birth control and emergency contraception, you may not have easy access to them. For example, if you don’t have easy access to a pharmacy, or if you’re on a college campus and your regular doctor isn’t nearby to hook you up with your monthly pill packs. This is where birth control websites and apps come in. They don’t require you to have health insurance to access their services (although if you have health insurance it will probably save you money on your pills) and they will deliver the goods where you need them. A recipe for success, if you ask us.

Also, because it’s nobody’s business what you take for your own reproductive health (cc: the Supreme Court), these birth control websites and apps aim to be very discreet with their packaging, so no one knows what you’re ordering. Above all if you need this plan B, stat. Yes, you heard that right: some of them also offer emergency contraception with a quick turnaround so you don’t have to make that dreaded trip the next morning to the pharmacy.

Because there are options upon options upon options (e.g. do you need an IUD? Pill? Patch? Ring?), we’ve done the homework so you can figure out which BC delivery service is the best for you. Below, you’ll find our picks for the best birth control websites and apps on the market right now, along with everything you need to know about them.

1. Favor

The company formerly known as The Pill Club has been renamed Favor – and you’ll do it yourself if you check them out. They have expanded their offerings from 120 birth control brands (prescribed for you by their medical team based on your digital health profile) to also include sexual health products like tampons, condoms, the morning after pill, the lubricant, pregnancy tests and STI tests. You can even get a consultation from a dermatologist for your skin and get prescription skin care products at your doorstep as soon as possible. Trying to control your hormonal acne? It’s your move.


  • Birth control is free with insurance and only $6.99 per pack for a full year’s supply if you don’t have insurance.
  • Emergency contraception is free with insurance and much cheaper (only $15!) than paying out of pocket at the pharmacy.
  • You don’t need an appointment – just text their service anytime.

    The inconvenients:

    • The morning after pill only comes with your usual pack, so it may not be ideal for an ~SOS~ situation. The same goes for pregnancy tests.

      2. Ro/Modern Fertility

      An emergency contraceptive pill offered with your first purchase? Honestly, you can never be too prepared in this climate. After your first online consultation with one of Ro’s Modern Fertility medical providers, you can choose from their recommendations of 17 different pills, which you can easily switch between for free if needed (dw, the provider will check your side effects). Then they’ll send you a tiny packet of emergency contraception with your first shipment, just in case you need it. We like to see it.


      • You do not need insurance to use the service.
      • It’s easy to change prescriptions if we don’t vibrate with you.
      • You receive a free emergency contraceptive with your first purchase.

        The inconvenients:

        • At $19 for a quarterly plan or $29 for a monthly plan, it can cost more than other BC delivery services.

          3. Nourx

          Nurx has you covered for just about everything you can imagine you need when it comes to health. Example: They dispense mental health prescriptions, migraine medication, HIV PrEP, COVID tests, STI test kits, and more. If you just need birth control, you’ll have plenty to choose from (most of which will cost you $0 if you have insurance!) as Nurx offers over 50 pill formulations, as well as patches, rings, and even the contraceptive vaccine. . You can also get Ella, the emergency contraceptive pill, with $15 next day shipping.


          • You can order all your prescriptions through Nurx.
          • BC options beyond the pill are available.
          • They offer fast delivery for emergency contraception.

            The inconvenients:

            • Some BC methods are much more expensive if you don’t have insurance coverage.

              4. Wisp

              Can’t come in to see your gynecologist for a while? Don’t even panic, Wisp has your back, bby. Whether you have a UTI, STI symptoms, want to delay your period, or just need birth control, you can arrange a consultation with Wisp’s doctors within 24 hours of signing up. After that, you only pay $15 for a quarterly BC subscription delivered right to your door, or $17 for Wisp to ship the emergency contraception to you (they can also ship it to your local pharmacy, if you need it). the same day). The other advantage of Wisp? They offer medical abortion and ship the abortion pill to people in certain states who are more than 18 weeks and less than 10 weeks pregnant for a fee of $200, compared to the usual cost of over $500.


              • You do not need insurance to use the service and you can use your FSA/HSA to pay.
              • Home delivery is free, or you can get same day delivery to your local pharmacy.
              • They offer the abortion pill at an affordable price.

                The inconvenients:

                • While birth control and emergency contraception delivery are available in all 50 states, the abortion pill is only available for shipment to certain areas.

                  5. Pandie Health

                  The pros at Pandia Health will prepare a new BC prescription for you if you don’t already have one, or fill an existing one for you with free delivery (!). Your first online medical consultation for birth control will cost $25, and you can also get an acne consultation for $35. From there, your birth control prescription for a pill, patch, or ring is free if you have insurance. If you don’t have insurance, NBD – your pill packs will start at $15 each. Pandia Health also has a new deal: an STI kit for $89.99 (it’s usually $30 more if you get it over-the-counter), which doctors recommend taking at least once a year.


                  • Pandia Health doctors will fill an existing prescription or get you a new birth control prescription with free delivery.
                  • You can use the service to get hormonal treatment for acne.
                  • They provide periodic check-ins and access to doctors for any questions you may have.

                    The inconvenients:

                    • They only offer hormonal birth control options, AKA the pill, patch, and ring.
                    • Some other services do not charge as much for an initial consultation.

                      6. Direct planned parenthood

                      We have good news: Planned Parenthood has made many of its services available directly to your phone through the free Planned Parenthood Direct app. Submit a request anytime and you’ll be video chatting with a supplier within one business day. Your call will cost you nothing and your pack of pills, if you order one, will cost you between $15 and $25. If you need emergency contraception, you can get Ella by next day shipping for $80. And in some states, clinicians can even write you a prescription for UTI treatment right after you call, if that’s what you’re dealing with.


                      • You can get home delivery for birth control pills or choose pharmacy pickup for the pill, patch, ring, or UTI treatment.
                      • No insurance is necessary and your digital visit, as well as the shipping of your prescriptions, is free.

                        The inconvenients:

                        • Birth control pill service and emergency contraception delivery are not available in all 50 states.
                        • Getting emergency contraception by mail is more expensive than at the pharmacy, and weekend delivery is not an option.