Bernie collapses after taking diet pills (August 2-6)


EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Bernie ends up collapsing after taking more diet pills.

Bernie tried to lose weight so that she could be a surrogate mother for Rainie and Stuart. She asked Tiffany to get diet pills to help her.

But despite finding out that she is pregnant, Bernie continues to take the diet pills.

In scenes for next week, Tiffany obsessively checks her face in the mirror.

Tiffany checks her face (Photo credit: BBC)

After talking to Vinny about Dotty, Keegan confronts Dotty about how she treats Vinny.

EastEnders spoilers: Bernie collapses

Later, Karen begs Bernie to eat, but she is afraid of gaining weight and secretly takes another diet pill.

She thanks Tiffany for getting them for her and Tiff goes on another date.

Bernie later feels weak and collapses.

Bernadette collapses (Photo credit: BBC)

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Keegan quickly rushes to Bernie’s aid as Gray calls an ambulance.

A frenzied Rainie soon appears. When asked what medication she is taking, Bernie is forced to admit that she takes diet pills.

Keegan is shocked as Bernie admits that it was Tiffany who got the pills for her.

Keegan accuses Tiff

Later, Keegan is furious with Tiffany for giving Bernie diet pills and doing more cosmetic work. However, Tiffany’s infection is getting worse.

Meanwhile at the club, Dotty confronts Vinny for telling Keegan about them, but Vinny takes the opportunity to reveal his true feelings for her, leaving Dotty feeling bad.

Keegan accuses Tiffany (Photo credit: BBC)

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Later, Keegan collects her salary from a drunken Dotty and she offers him a drink.

At home, Tiffany feels even worse and calls Keegan, but he ignores her call. Back at the club, things heat up with Dotty.

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