Amanda Holden furious at fake diet pill ad claiming she uses keto pills

AMANDA Holden remained furious after being targeted by fraudulent weight loss ads claiming she had lost two stones in six weeks – and left Britain’s Got Talent.

TV judge Amanda is used as the face of keto diet pills in fake Facebook news articles – which tell fans she angered ITV bosses by losing too much weight.


Amanda is furious at the fake diet advertising

Ad claims Amanda “gained weight” and turned to keto weight loss pills – but the move “angered ITV bosses” and she decided to quit the reality show after 14 years.

In fact, Amanda will return to the show’s panel to film the 15-audition series later this month.

The bogus ad goes on to claim that Holly Willoughby, Emma Willis, and Alesha Dixon have endorsed the product for weight loss.

“Amanda is horrified to be targeted in this way – the last thing she wants is for her fans to be scammed into buying a product or think she will be leaving BGT,” a source said.

This isn’t the first time Amanda has been targeted. In 2019, she took to Twitter to fight back against yet another bogus keto ad and warned her followers that it was a scam.

She shared the ad and wrote, “I learned that a company is using my name (among many others) to sell a Keto diet.

“I have not given my consent for this and I have no partnership with this company.

“This is a scam !! So be careful and don’t sign up because they will take your money.”

And Amanda isn’t the first star to be the target of a weight loss scam.

Last year, Dawn French furiously hit back at yet another fake keto ad by using her photo to promote weight loss products.

The 63-year-old shared a capture of the fake advertisement on Twitter and wrote: “B **** x” on it. She added, “Keto is lying.”

Amanda had previously explained how she stayed so beautiful – confessing that she only exercised to make up for her love of alcohol.

She told Top Santé: “I joke about my love of alcohol, but honestly, when I say I work out for drinking, it’s true! I can balance one against the other.”

The Heart host also insisted that she doesn’t follow “fad” diets and believe in depriving yourself of anything.

“I’m not one of those fad diets,” Amanda said. “Or someone who cuts certain foods out of my diet.”

He also claimed she left Britain's Got Talent


He also claimed she left Britain’s Got Talent
Amanda previously confessed that she only exercised, so she drank alcohol


Amanda previously confessed that she only exercised, so she drank alcohol
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